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Saijo George

Helps you define and develop a content driven marketing strategy.
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Why you need Content Marketing in your business strategy?

Do you have a focussed CM strategy? Does it drive profitable customer interactions? Is your business clear on exactly what Content Marketing is?

Let’s simplify; Content marketing is a disipline of digital marketing that focuses on distributing compelling and relevant content to your target audience at various stages of their conversion process.

Content marketing is a powerful way to reach a growing audience, and should not be seen only as a link building tactics. If done properly this can be a great way to reach out to potential customers and a powerful brand building tool.

How can I help with Content marketing?

Content influences every inch of your marketing strategy. To create compelling content you will need a content strategy and to amplify that content you will need a good content marketing strategy and that is where I can help you.

It's important to understand that content marketing strategy is NOT the same thing as a content strategy.

It is crucial to find out what your audience wants from the get-go. Well executed Content Marketing gets your audience excited and encourages them into action.

Have a look through my projects page and some of my guest post in the design space:

All of these articles featured on top design blogs, with simple objectives; driving traffic, building link authority, brand awareness and providing value to the audience.

I can help concentrate your efforts by targeting the right audience. Content Marketing is a long play strategy to build the autority of your own sites and helping you engage your target audience at various stages of their conversion process.

Let me show you how, get in touch with me on Twitter or LinkedIn to discuss how I can help apply these principles to your business.