Growth Hacking Melbourne

Saijo George

Melbourne Based Growth Hacker
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Why you need Growth Hacking in your business strategy?

Growth hacking was created in 2010 by Sean Ellis who said it stemmed from his frustration when hiring replacements for himself. From then on Growth Hackers have been both misunderstood and revolutionary at the same time.

Let’s simplify. A growth hacker is someone whose sole focus is on growth of their business.

If you are a start up, have a product, provide a service and you are ready to scale up, you shouldn’t be thinking about creating a marketing branch, you should be hiring a Growth Hacker; someone who is obsessed with getting the job done, not how it gets done.

How can I help with Growth Hacking?

There is no one true way to growth hacking, just a singular focus on growing your business.

Growth for online business is always going to have an element of ‘traffic’ to it. A good personal example is how I managed to grow AllTheFreeStock to over 70k user sessions per month and gained over 2K email subscribers on Code my UI.

Instead of using my blog, by creating a stand-alone site meant that people are more likely to share the site - it is a stand-alone unbranded site that does not appear to have an agenda. Within the first few months, this site has gained over 2k EMAIL subscribers and is continually growing.

The flow on effect on growth is astounding. By using gifs to create visually compelling content, and including code samples to showcase the web design examples was a unique way of approaching which resonated with the target audience.

Let me show you how, get in touch with me on Twitter or LinkedIn to discuss how I can help apply these principles to your business.