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Keyword / Character / Word Count Tool Mobile Friendly

This little tool works as a Keyword Count / Character Count / Word Count tool that will analyze any text that you copy paste or enter in-to the input area. Once you enter the text, the app will show you the number of characters and words automatically. Then, if you want you can enter a keyword and the app will tell you how many times that word appears in your given text.

Please refresh the page after each use, to get the correct data.

How do we calculate the number of words and characters?

  1. A word can consist of number, alphabets or both.
  2. The script is very sensitive to whitespace characters ( spaces, tabs, linebreak, etc ).
  3. Each space is considered as a word (so please make sure that you eliminate extra space at the start and end of your paragraphs).
  4. Keyword search is case sensitive

Character Count :

Word Count :

The keyword occurs times.