Social Media Marketing Melbourne

Saijo George

Melbourne Based Social Media Marketing Strategist
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Why you need Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a discipline of Marketing that is concentrated on using social media channels to attract traffic. Creating compelling content using Social Media Marketing (SMM) encourages users to share content with their friends and family, creating electronic-word-of-mouth distribution within a budget that won’t break the bank.

In today’s world everyone is using social media to connect with one another, brands, businesses, artists and celebrities around the world. Every business has a place in Social Media and a good marketing strategy will help you reach your goals.

How can I help with Social Media Marketing?

CSS Puns is a great example of how social media can have a massive factor in driving traffic to your site. By curating the best CSS Puns into one microsite, I was able to create a viral loop that I then promoted using a mix of Paid and Organic social media marketing, resulting in an overall share count of over 58K Shares

What were the driving factors of success? Knowing your audience and striving to be super relevant to that audience.

Do you have a very visual design? Then Pinterest could be the right answer for you.

Working with long form video? Then YouTube should be the focus of your efforts.

Short form video content? Then let’s explore how Vine could add value to your business.

Another successful tactic I have used is to rehash the content to suit differences audience and different networks. Of course this can be more time consuming but creating or reusing content to suit your vertical can have excellent results.

Twitter is also a very powerful medium and using the influence of hashtags is key to success on Twitter - you may have influential hashtags in your industry without doing a thing; you can use that to leverage your product/service by driving traffic through hashtags.

Social Media Marketing is about engaging with influential followers and creating those viral loops where your content is highly shared within your niche.

Let me show you how, get in touch with me on Twitter or LinkedIn to discuss how I can help apply these principles to your business.